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Rise and Fired, the sports blog at least, has been reduced to ashes, but the concept has been reborn as Strike Sports Network.

The content and writing on Strike is edgier and more entertaining than before, at least in my eyes.

My goal for Strike, as of now, is to provide sports news and opinion with blunt and entertaining commentary, so go take a read.

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Looking to follow up his Heisman campaign with a season that will make him a top NFL draft pick, Johnny Manziel committed a major PR snafu by getting sent home from Manning camp.

One would think any player would be ecstatic to work with Peyton and Archie Manning to hone their skills, but JFB apparently stayed out on Bourbon Street in New Orleans until 4 am the night before workouts.

New Orleans is roughly an hour away from Nicholls State, where the players were supposed to sleep in the dorms.

According to Rumors and Rants, although Manziel claimed that the reason for him being late was his phone not going off and A.J. McCarron not waking him up, it appears that he didn’t even sleep in the dorms with McCarron.

Archie found out, and gave Manziel a chance to explain himself, but Johnny apparently lied and ended going home for one reason or another.

A.J. McCarron has to be smirking to himself to be made out as the good, honest kid in all of this while his rival gets blasted.

You have to feel bad for Matt Sandusky, who will be associated with his child-molesting father for the rest of his life, but hopefully he won’t carry his father’s name for much longer.

Matt, who was adopted, also filed to have his wife and children’s last name legally changed.

This seems like a no-brainer decision to me. Best thing he can do now is distance himself from his father, and this is where to start.

Jerry is currently appealing his sentence of a 30-60 year prison term, and is also writing a book while behind bars.

I would say that any publishing company who allows him to make a dime should be disgraced, but as of now it doesn’t appear that Jerry will finish his sentence before death finishes him.

I still don’t know the premise of this video, but I do know it includes Dirk Nowitzki singing with a German DJ in the back of a car while Mavs cheerleaders drive.

I’ve seen this DJ guy at a Mavs game, and he has a pretty sizable following with 135,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Here’s him singing a duet of sorts with Dirk. I think he’s my new second-favorite German.

I would like to know the backstory on this video, but I’ll wait and happily watch it over and over again in the meantime.

Maybe he was still a little hungover from the night before (too easy?), but someone should tell Johnny Manziel to start looking for the blue checkmark before he replies to would-be celebrities.

After receiving a seemingly serious tweet from an account with the handle @TomBradysEgo, Johnny responded with his appreciation and told the unbeknownst parody account that he was a big fan.

Not only is the handle @TomBradysEgo, but the name is listed as the same thing. Maybe I’ll make a parody account of Barack Obama’s tie and get in on this.

Jon Hamm was pretty great at the ESPYs last night, but was thrown to the wolves by ESPN when he was forced to do a 4 minute-long bit with 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer about the NFL’s replacement refs.

How far can you make it into the awfulness? I barely lasted 45 seconds myself, so tell me if it gets any less terrible after that.

Interesting idea for the ESPYs writers to have an eight-year-old write this.

Key & Peele did a sketch for the ESPYs

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say a bad thing about the comedy duo of Key & Peele, which is a good indication I need to start watching their show on Netflix.

They did a sketch for the ESPYs, and made me laugh out loud at least once.

The “Girlfriend, girlfriend, wife!” bit was pretty brilliant, and yet another shot at Manti Te’o. Poor guy/dumbass.

Dodgers’ savior Yasiel Puig presented at the ESPYs, and hung out with fellow athletes and celebrities as is the norm for superstar athletes.

Puig posed for the following picture with Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Broadus, who is a 4-star wide receiver in the class of 2015 and already has an offer from LSU.

I, for one, am ecstatic that Puig is starting to grasp the English language. “Cusin” is like the fourth-most-accurate spelling of cousin, so I’m excited.

Also, Puig has been going nuts on Instagram, putting up even more hits there than he has at the plate so far, as documented by Hall of Very Good.

It’s not too out of the ordinary to see athletes filmed outside of nightclubs, but one TMZ photographer stalked Kenneth Faried without even knowing who his victim was.

As alluded to by one of Faried’s friends who took over the camera midway through the confrontation, apparently TMZ will stalk just any tall black guy.

Groundbreaking questions from the established journalist included “What’s the secret to running fast?”, and “What did they get you to say instead of cheese?” I guess this guy is just really good at driving fast to stalk celebrities.

Some key quotes from the inebriated Faried:

“My bleep is big.”

“My name is Kenneth bleeping Faried.”

And don’t you forget it, star of the TV series ‘My Name is Earl’.

Fans at Citi Field were not amused when an old man ran onto the field during the All-Star game.

After being booed, the man grabbed a microphone and began to sing ‘Sweet Caroline’, a song typically played at Red Sox games.

GIF: Older gentleman stumbles onto Citi Field, is not asked t... on Twitpic

Apparently his name is Neil Diamond. Shame he decided to ruin the game for the fans by jumping around and yelling into a microphone.

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