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Dave Chappelle puts up shots after Warriors game

Looks like his comedic focus translates to the court


Celebrity All-Star Kevin Hart has shown he can drill deep threes, but he’s not the only comedian interested in practicing his jumper.

Dave Chappelle, who recently hung out with the Thunder, took to the court after the Warriors game on Monday to take some shots in sweat pants.

His racial draft skit is one of the funniest things I will ever see, so any sports connection with the man just makes me love him more.

Dave Chappelle hangs out with the Thunder

While many are still mourning the end of The Chappelle Show, it appears that Dave Chappelle is still active and performing live shows.

Oklahoma City Thunder center Nazr Mohammed tweeted a picture of the team with Chappelle before his show. The team is currently on a road trip in California, and had a night off after two close wins against the Clippers and Warriors.

In case you don’t recognize him, Chappelle is the one in the middle. Or the short guy standing around a bunch of basketball players.

Chappelle is probably more intimidated than he looks

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